Contractor Changes for the New Year…. Are You Ready?

Following the announcement in the Autumn Statement at the back end of 2016, contractors (like AWOL Chefs) will no longer be able to claim travel and subsistence as an expense. Whilst we at AWOL understand that many agents and contractors have been abusing this system either because they are no different to an employee at the same company or because they are being sent out to work for a much lower wage than is beneficial, it’s one of an ever increasing number of layers to the HMRC regulations that make life difficult for genuine contractors who should be able to legitimately claim for the cost of traversing a county as vast as Cumbria which is a requirement of their contractor role.


But ranting aside, where does that leave AWOL Contractors as of 6th April 2016? Well the good news is that we’ve done our best as soon as we’ve been able to look at options and we have one or two ways that keep everybody operating to the proper guidelines but that continue to offer you some benefits to being a relief chef.


We’re happy to discuss how we can work with you, whether you’re an existing or returning AWOL Relief Chef or if you’re new to us and interested in joining the team. You can contact the office by email [email protected] or you can pick up the phone to have a chat with us on 0333 123 5777. Most important is that you understand things are changing and you are aware of your options.