Relief Chef Profile: James Godfrey

Continuing our season of chef profiles (you can see Jon Stevens who was first up right HERE) our next chef is James Godfrey- over to James

Name & any nicknames our clients/chefs might know you by? The Hairy Biker

How long have you been an AWOL Chef? 11 Months

Best & worst things about relief work? The best thing about relief work , the challenge of working in a strange kitchen, producing good food. everyday is different. The worst,  seeing dirty and unsafe kitchens, people who don’t care about the food or customers.

Strangest customer request you have had in the kitchen? Went through a menu for a lady who wanted to know everything that was meat or had a meat product in it, e.g gelatine. And she orders chicken!!!! Or maybe the lady who told me her son only had his fish and chips deep fried in extra Virgin olive oil!!!!

Best piece of kitchen kit you own or have used? My mac sushi knife, had it 12 years,  can use it for everything, it’s a bit tatty but razor sharp, good money well spent.

Favourite thing to do on your day off? Day off, what’s one of them, I work for AWOL!!!!  Spend time with my wife, ride my motorbike, build wooden model ships.

What would you do if you weren’t a chef? Really don’t know,  something to do with motorcycles.

What would your last meal be? A really nice ploughman’s,  local cheese, the lot. Followed by a nice glass of Jura single malt.



James Godfrey

Thanks for the introduction James!