Relief Chef Profile: Jon Stevens

The AWOL Team are a varied bunch be they office bound or the chefs on the road, so allow us to introduce Relief Chef Profile- a chance to get to know us all a little better! We’re kicking off with Jon Stevens who, fun fact for you has a relative on the team- 5 points if you can guess who!




Name & any nicknames our clients/chefs might know you by? Bandana Jon or Bandana Man

How long have you been an AWOL Chef? 4 Years (and 2 months)

Best & worst things about relief work? The best thing is working in a variety of kitchens with different types of chefs and cooking different types of food. The worst thing is going somewhere for the first time and not knowing where things are or how they like their food presented

Strangest customer request you have had in the kitchen? I had someone that wanted their main course and dessert on the same plate!!

Best piece of kitchen kit you own or have used? Rational Combi Ovens. They cook, they steam and the clean themselves!

Favourite thing to do on your day off? Watch Football

What would you do if you weren’t a chef? I would be a telecommunications engineer

What would your last meal be? Full English Breakfast

Thanks to Jon for introducing himself!