Relief Chef Profile: Ross Bowman

So far in our series of Relief Chef Profiles you had  chance to get to know Jon Stevens and James Godfrey. Next up is Ross Bowman, so over to you Ross….

      1. Name & any nicknames our clients/chefs might know you by? Ross or Rosco



    • How long have you been an AWOL Chef? About 2 1/2 years and can’t see myself in any other job



    • Best & worst things about relief work? The best things about relief work is the variety of work we get and the people we meet from ‘all walks of life’ The worst things about relief work is that we are a easy target to blame and the long days we put in to get the job done.



    • Strangest customer request you have had in the kitchen? Strangest customer request has been a vegetarian who has ordered a meat roast but with no meat but lots of gravy (stating the gravy has beef juice in it)



    • Best piece of kitchen kit you own or have used? The best piece of kitchen kit i own is a induction hob its super hot and with using magnetic pans it cools down within seconds. A Thermomix is the best kitchen appliance i have used in a kitchen they are so versatile.



    • Favourite thing to do on your day off? On my days off i like to spend it with my children baking playing at the park  and in the garden.



    • What would you do if you weren’t a chef? If I wasn’t a chef I would have followed biology as it was my favorite subject in school and got some high grades.



    • What would your last meal be? My last meal would have to be HAGGIS NEEPS AND TATTIES with a whiskey sauce being from SCOTLAND.


     RossBowman2 Thanks Ross!