Single Item Menu: Yay or Nay

The rise of the single item menu. From cereal to grilled cheese to chips, it seems everyone is at it, especially in the capital, and why not I suppose. From a business perspective, you do away with the hassle of carrying a large variety of stock (goodbye stock forecasting…) and staff training should be that much simpler. It’s a stark contrast of the ‘all things to all people’ model that many restaurants in the US have adopted and it has also left us wondering in the AWOL office, how far is too far?

Some of our favourites are:

Bao– Steamed buns

Bunny Chow– South African filled rolls

Grill My Cheese– cheese toasties… ’nuff said!


But is there really a market for a restaurant or cafe that only sells a side? Come Fry with Me who specialise in chips (yes, really) would say yessiree based on their current recruitment drive and success, as would Le Relais de Venise who serve steak and chips (or steak frites if you want to give it the name of its roots), arguable the original one food restaurant kicking off in the 50’s. We want to know- drop us a line or a comment: is the rise of one food restaurant to be applauded or is a fish finger sandwich cafe a step too far?