The AWOL View

The view from my desk is pretty static. Sure, it changes with the seasons (although it’s the back of a building so I suppose it’s mostly about light and dark or wet and dry…), but the contents of the frame doesn’t change all that much. I can’t see the number of windows or colour of bricks suddenly increasing or decreasing any time soon. The AWOL team though, many of them see a different view at least once a week, and some AWOL Chefs get to see more than one place in a day, so the view from their ‘office’ is variable, at best. And no, the bins out the back aren’t the most inspiring, but sometimes, chefs like James Godfrey manage to capture some of the best bits…


Haweswater by James Godfrey
Haweswater 2 by James Godfrey

We thought these were some great shots, and a reminder that being a relief chef on the AWOL Team can get you out to some pretty spectacular places.


All thanks and photo credit go to James Godfrey- we have not edited these, they definitely didn’t need to!