7 Things That Would Be Creepy In Any Other Profession

1. An unparalleled love for knives of all shapes and sizes.

2. Taking pride in burns and scars- the more infected the wound was, the more impressive it gets…
e98cda8cc31535e6fec7837e4df2162a3. Wearing white when you know at the time of purchase said white items will be every other colour between red and grey in days 4. You can and do make ice cream using chemistry sets and sculptures out of something that used to be a grain but ask you to make more than egg and chips on your day off and feel the fury…   6373bdf8ccf247ebb7f1137551220201

6. The relationship you have with your favourite spatula. See also point one for your favourite knives….

7. What do you mean nobody else spends their working hours devising new abusive names for the junior staff and defiling Disney films?